In February 2012, Hiking Group cooperated with Qingdao Municipal Commerce Bureau, Qingdao State Taxation Bureau, Shandong Branch of China Import & Export Bank and Shandong Subsidiary of China Export Credit Insurance Company to create the first comprehensive foreign trade service platform in North China - QingdaoForeign Trade Supply Chain Service Platform for Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises (Hiking Link) which built up a service system among government agencies, large enterprises and medium, small and micro-sized enterprises and realized mutual benefit and joint development of foreign-related enterprises. Now the platform has established cooperative relationship with over 5000 medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. The platform possesses "12 platform systems":

"Online and offline, domestic and overseas" two-way trade comprehensive service platform

Under guidance of government policies, led by major enterprise, platformization, market-oriented


Easy4sell: Cross-border e-commerce supply chain comprehensive services: customs clearance, tax refund, foreign exchange settlementand oversea warehousing for e-commerce

Hikingic Recommends: To help good Made-in-China products go international, model: cross-border B2B online transaction platform\Google AdWords\ Agency operation at Amazon\ One button publishing at\ overseas online fairs

Transnational corporation with centralized foreign exchange management, 0.01 RMB subsidy for every 1 USD export

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