Shandong Hiking Resources Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Hiking Group, is a major operating platform for the investment of the Group's mineral resources and the trading of mineral commodities. Our main business covers investment and management of mineral projects such as graphite and ilmenite etc, sales of graphite products, titanium powder and other metal products.

Our company is committed to consolidating and developing graphite resources. At present, our company has invested in and managed three graphite companies, namely Qingdao Haizheng Graphite Co., Ltd., Qingdao Black Dragon Graphite Group and Qingdao Senhui Graphite Co., Ltd.. They are located in Pingdu city, Shandong province, which is one of main production areas of flake graphite in China. It is estimated that graphite ore reserve is at 80 million and more tons, equal to about 3 million tons of graphite. Our company produces 50,000 tons of flake graphite annually which is known for its large particle size and high content of positive mesh, and produces several deep processing products such as high carbon graphite, high purity graphite, expandable graphite, flexible graphite sheets and spherical graphite etc.

Our company is a shareholder of the Queensland Industrial Minerals Holdings Co., Ltd. (QIMH) and underwrites its titanium powder.

Armed with a business philosophy of "specialization and dedication, win-win through cooperation" and by taking overall advantages of the Hiking Group, our company strives to create a bright future with partners.

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