This Company is established by Hiking Group to build international trading service brand and platform through transforming foreign trade development mode. It is mainly engaged in international trade of all kinds of commodities and technologies, shipping agency and business advisory service and etc.

The Company has established “Qingdao Foreign Trade Supply Chain Service Platform for Small, Medium-sized and Micro-Enterprises” jointly with Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of National Taxation, Export and Import Bank of China(Qingdao Branch), China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation(Shandong Branch). Guided by governmental policies and led by strong enterprises, the platform could provide full-time electronic platform service, supply chain management and other services through platform and market-oriented operation to promote high-efficient development of foreign-related enterprises.

The Company gives full play to Hiking Group’s advantages in experience, credit, financing, insurance, marketing channel, information and personalized talents in long-term service in foreign trade, and has built “Six-Platform System”, i.e. international trade service platform, export credit insurance intensive platform, financing guarantee platform, public information platform, public logistics platform and public display platform. It is committed to providing customers with “one-stop” service and “individualized” value-added service in foreign trade and seeking for mutual benefit and common development with foreign-related enterprises.

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