Financial Investment


Financial Investment as an important growth engine of the Group has achieved significant development guided by the philosophy of “being honest and striving for innovation and seeking good cooperation for mutual benefits”. For years, based on trade and logistics as the main business, the Group has joined hands with a number of domestic and overseas strategic partners and successfully carried multiple major investments in many sectors such as container manufacturing, financial trust, non-ferrous metal, luxury hotels and acquisition of non-performing loans and assets, which helps the Group effectively realize industrial collaboration and structural optimization and vigorously promote its rapid growth.

In 2007, the subsidiary company of the Group: Hiking International (Stock Code: 600735) successfully listed in the domestic capital market through restructuring, which set up a good public image of Hiking. In 2011, Hiking International implemented major assets restructuring and expanded the social influence of the listed company.In 2015, the Group prepared to establish its Finance Company to promote efficient usage of its assets and capitals and enhance the overall operation return and risk control of Hiking.

According to its third Five-Year Plan, Hiking Group will establish multi-channel and multi-level investment and financing system based upon each industrial entity and asset of the Group, and establish a more extensive and efficient connection to the money and capital markets; with investment and financing service as the core, the Group will promote mutual development of industrial entities and the financial services through in-depth financing business, investment business and intermediate business.