Core Value — Be a Person of Integrity and be Ethical at Work
Workplace integrity and ethics are interdependent with each other. A person of integrity upholds upstanding moral standard, sound judgement, honesty, dependability and loyalty. A person of integrity will do the right thing through words and actions. Likewise, to be ethical at work requires an employee be a person of integrity, trustworthy, reliable and responsible for their actions.
● Be a Person of Integrity
Integrity is the quality of one’s life in family, community and at the workplace. A person of integrity holds oneself to high moral principles, takes actions with responsibility, honesty and respect, and practices open and honest communication. A person of integrity is disciplined, polite and fair to others.
● Be ethical at work
Work ethics means being dedicated to work, loyal to the company, and accountable for actions. A person with upstanding work ethics will be more successful at work and in personal life. Being ethical at work means being reliable, dedicated and responsible. Being ethical at work also means upholding team spirits and willingly cooperating on projects. This is the foundation of how Hiking as a company grows and succeeds.