Since its establishment in 2002, Hiking Group has realized rapid growth of its main business international trade by insisting on system and management innovation, strengthening industrial development and R&D, integrating industrial chain and transforming growth pattern. According to customs statistics, Hiking Group has realized over US$ 26 billion accumulated import and export volume since its foundation, taking the lead among its peers in Shandong province. In 2017, the Group completed 25.1 billion RMB sales revenue.

On the basis of rapid growth in its international trade, the Group adopts a steady development principle of "sticking to a balance between intensive development and extensive development", it appropriately diversified its business, with emphasis on their interdependence and strategic synergy, which help the Group to realize successful transformation from a single foreign trading enterprise to a large-scale industrial enterprise consortium featuring diversification and internationalization. The business of the Group mainly covers three sectors:

International Trade. Hiking Group actively forges its core competitiveness and moves higher up the industrial chain in production, research, branding and sales network and fosters a batch of core products including hair products, textile & apparel, diamond, knitting and aquatic products that take the lead in the industries with strong competitiveness. The Group acquired a renowned brand and a marketing company in 2009 and 2011 in the USA to further enhance the predominance of its core products in the global markets. In February 2012, Hiking Group cooperated with government agencies and established the first comprehensive foreign trade service platform in Northern China - Foreign Trade Supply Chain Service Platform for Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises of Qingdao, set up its service brand Hiking Link and a cross border e-commerce comprehensive service platform: Hiking “Easy Global”; the Group has set up twelve supportive platforms in the sectors of international trade, financing guarantee and export credit guarantee etc. and established cooperation relationship with over 12,000 SMEs through an all-around service system integrating “online & offline, domestic + international and foreign trade comprehensive service+ cross-border e-commerce”. Hiking was honored as a “Model of China (Qingdao) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area” and a “Shandong Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Service Platform”.

Financial Investment. The Group has made investments in many fields such as container manufacturing, financial trust, nonferrous metal, hotels and acquisition of non-performing assets. In May 2007, through acquisition and reorganization, Hiking Group was successfully listed in the main-board market of China (Stock Code: # 600735), becoming the first listed enterprise in Shandong foreign trade sector. Since 2010, the Group has invested in strategic emerging industries such as the graphite new material and new energy etc.

Health Industry. Hiking cooperated with Longlife Group, a famous listed eldercare company from Japan, and established Hiking. Longlife, an international and high-end eldercare service center featuring comprehensiveness, intelligence and family-style service. In 2015, the two parties established Shandong Hiking Longlife Eldercare Operation Co Ltd to extend the industrial chain to eldercare service consultation, personnel training and trusteeship.

In 2014, Hiking Group cooperated with Yonsei University from ROK and launched Qingdao Severance Hospital project. The two parties will invest about 2.5 ~ 3 billion RMB to have 1,000 beds in Phase 1 of the project and the hospital will have 2,000~3,000 beds in its long term planning. After the establishment of the hospital, the Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System will dispatch medical experts and executives to take charge of the medical technologies and operation of the hospital. Hiking will set up several specialty hospitals on the basis of Qingdao Severance Hospital and build a competitive healthcare industry group. In the meanwhile, Hiking will also give play to its advantages in healthcare and build eldercare communities with home-based care and supplemented by institutional care, tailor group-based eldercare solutions, and provide personalized support services. Hiking Group is dedicated to building a health industrial cluster integrating healthcare, eldercare, convalesce, medical tourism, health management, health insurance, health finance, medical appliances, healthy food and financial lease with healthcare and eldercare as the core.

development opportunities, Hiking Group focuses on becoming a century thriving, outstanding service-oriented transnational Group featuring remarkable competitiveness, industrial leadership, brand effect and corporate goodwill to make new contribution to the good and rapid economic and social development of China.


No. 237 place at 2019 China Top 500 Private Enterprises
No. 193 place at 2018 China Top 500 Service Providers
No.194 place at 2019 China Top 500 International Trading Enterprises
No. 52 place at 2018 Shandong Top 100 Private Enterprises
No. 86 place at 2018 Top 100 Enterprises
No. 12 place at 2017 Shandong Top 30 Service Enterprises
No. 8 place at 2018 Qingdao Top 100 Enterprises
No. 2 place at 2017 Qingdao Top 50 Service Enterprises
No. 36 place at 2017 Qingdao Top 50 Taxpayers