International Trade

  Hiking Group has established an internationalized business operation team. It employs over 1,000 international trade professionals, including 365 university degree holders in foreign languages and 525 university degree holders in international trade; 645 of them have good command of English and are CET (College English Test)-6 or above certification holders. After many years of practice in international trade, they familiarize with laws and regulations of the relevant countries, have a good command of industrial expertise, foreign language, international common practice and the rules of international market operation and establish wide information channels.

  The group has set up its own global sales network. The group keeps stable and close business relationships with over 5,000 clients across 150 countries and regions around the world and establishes good reputation and corporate image at home and abroad.Develop foreign trade new modes and new formats. In February 2012, Hiking Group cooperated with government agencies and established the first comprehensive foreign trade service platform in Northern China - Foreign Trade Supply Chain Service Platform for Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises of Qingdao, set up its service brand Hiking Link and a cross border e-commerce comprehensive service platform: Hiking “Easy Global”; the Group has set up twelve supportive platforms in the sectors of international trade, financing guarantee and export credit guarantee etc. and established cooperation relationship with over 12,000 SMEs through an all-around service system integrating “online & offline, domestic + international and foreign trade comprehensive service+ cross-border e-commerce”.Cross-border e-commerce—Hiking Group has acquired 2 cross-border e-commerce companies at Shanghai and Shenzhen and in the future, the group will accelerate the cross-border e-commerce industrial layout and business development and expand the business in emerging markets through more acquisition of outstanding cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen, Zhejiang and Shanghai; the group will further improve its product systems and integrate its global logistic distribution system to realize rapid growth of the cross-border e-commerce business.

  Hiking Group grows its international presence and extends the industrial chain to high value-added overseas marketing network and branding. It acquired the world No. 2 and No. 3 men’s wig distributors: OR Company and NI Company from the USA in 2009 and 2011, at the same time, Hiking established a hair product factory at Cambodia and forged a complete industrial chain integrating design, production, branding and sale and its market share in the USA is over 50% and the wig products are also sold to countries in Africa and South America.

  Hiking Group has fostered its core products with clear competitiveness. It fosters a batch of core products including hair products, textile & apparel, diamond, knitting and aquatic products that take the lead in the industries with strong competitiveness through moving higher up the   industrial chain in production, research, branding and sales network. 
  Hair products—Hiking Group has become one of largest synthetic hair product manufacturer in China and a main supplier to major clients in European and American markets.

  Diamond—Hiking Group is China’s largest diamond processor and diamond trader and its processing scale of small diamond accounts over 50% of the country. The comparison diamond standard developed by us has become the national industrial evaluation standard of diamond colors.

  Refined oil—The group is a refined oil non state-owned importer recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and keeps a close cooperation relation with Shandong Haiyue Petrochemical Co Ltd and Shandong Yuanrun Petrochemical Co Ltd and establishes a stable distribution channel.

  Staple commodities import: coal, nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum) etc.

  Major export commodities: mechanical and electrical products, textile and apparel, hair products, aquatic products, diamond and knitting products etc.

  Jimo Yellow Wine—a typical representative of yellow wines in Northern China, it is among the first batch of China Time-honored Brands and its market share in Shandong Province is over 90%

  Used car export business—Hiking Group cooperates with LEDA, a Japanese secondhand car exporter with over 30 years history, to export used car from China and handle re-export of used car from Japan and ROK.