Rongcheng Painting and Calligraphy Club is located in Qingdao, a famous tourist city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It’s in the Regency Hotel of Qingdao, Shandong Province with a business area of 3000 m2. Decorated elegantly, decently and comfortably, Rongcheng Painting and Calligraphy Club can offer art appreciation, tea ceremony and delicious foods of Jiaodong Peninsula and can organize various banquets in occasions of business, wedding, children’s 100-day celebration, old people’s birthday party and family reunion.

Adhering to its restaurant service concept of “sincere service and health maintenance”, Rongcheng Painting and Calligraphy Club offers excellent service to the guests with enthusiasm and family love to create green, nutrient and healthy foods and beverages.

Ancient and natural tables and chairs from Ming and Qing dynasties, fine red enameled hardware, gurgling water, soft and melodious music played with Guzheng, the Club seems an elegant and refined land of idyllic beauty. Appreciating paintings and tasting scented teas made by fountain water of Mountain Lao, good luck will come to you quietly in such a delighted peace.


Add: No. 110 Middle Hong Kong Road,

Qingdao (F2, Grand Regency Hotel)

Tel:86-532—68612116 68612117