Qingdao Haizheng Graphite Co Ltd is located at Pingdu, Qingdao, Shandong Province, which is a main production area of flake graphite in China and is famous for production of flaky graphite.

Qingdao Haizheng Graphite Co Ltd owns one graphite mine with mining right area of 2.98 square kilometers. After several times geologic explorations, it is calculated to have 25,407,900 tons graphite ore resources, amounting to 809,600 tons graphite mineral contents. The graphite ore of Haizheng features shallow burial, breakability and easy separation, which is suitable to large scale mechanical open-pit mining; Haizheng Graphite Mine has a natural deep pit to be used as residue site and it is a unique graphite mine far away from adjacent villages with excellent mineral processing.

On the basis of production of medium - high carbon graphite products, Haizheng Graphite will gradually expand its business to graphite further processing fields such as expandable graphite, flexible graphite sheet, reinforced graphite plates, cooling fin and anode materials for lithium ion battery through cooperation with research institutions at home and abroad to forge a complete graphite industrial chain. Qingdao Haizheng Graphite Co Ltd aims to become the leader in graphite industry in China.