Under Hiking (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. ,HIKING (QINGDAO)JMLAOJIU WINE CO., LTD. is the largest and most famous wine company in north China, well known with operating Jimolaojiu at home and abroad. It is one of first batch of China Time-honored Brand considered by Ministry of Commerce, its traditional brewing technique of Jimolaojiu was included in Shandong Province intangible cultural heritage list.

Enterprise passed the ISO9001, HACCP and other international standard management system and the "National Integrity Management System" certification in north China wine industry; it has a provincial technical center, experts workstation and Jimolaojiu Museum. The business indicators of enterprise achieve an average growth of more than 30% , annual tax accounts for 90% of Jimo wine business total taxes. Enterprise has been assessed as Shandong Province advanced enterprise, Shandong Province harmonious labor relationship enterprise, national AAA scenic spot, national wine industry AAA credit enterprise, the National Food Industry outstanding leading food enterprise and so on.

Jimolaojiu is Chinese oldest rice wine, four thousand years of history, "Rice Wine North Sect ", it is an excellent representative of rice wine in north China, It contains 21 kinds of amino acids, up to 10,000 milligrams per liter, which has eight kinds of amino acids that body itself cannot composite but are essential, also it is rich in trace elements and constant elements, which helps digestion, blood relieving, activate collaterals , beauty, anti-aging, protect the heart, Promote appetite and so on. Jimolaojiu won the silver award of national tasting in 1963, gold award of National Light Industry Expo in 1984, then won the grand prize of Chinese rice wine festival, gold medal of the National Light Industry Expo, gold award of China Food Expo, the only special gold medal of Brussels tasting and other honors, it is considered as Chinese Famous Brand in 2009.

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