Established in April 2008, Qingdao Senhui Graphite Co Ltd is located at Pingdu of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, which is a main production area of flake graphite in China. The annual graphite output (mineral content) of Pingdu is 170,000 tons, accounting about one third of the total production in China.

The company owns the graphite mineral resources in Pingdu that have the greatest development potential, featuring huge reserve, high fixed carbon grade (average content 6.56%), shallow burial, breakability and easy separation, continuous ore body; it is mainly crystalline flake graphite, with high degree of crystallization, large granule size and superb quality. The graphite resources of the company are widely used in production of high quality and high value-added products in deep processing

The company has advanced graphite mining and separation production lines in China and can produce 30,000~50,000 tons flake graphite, over 40% are positive-mesh ones. With support from Hiking Group, Qingdao Senhui Graphite Co Ltd will introduce high end technologies and optimize the development and utilization of graphite resources to realize good economic and social returns.