Zhang Jianhua receives interview of Australia media
Time:2016-11-29 16:23:52    From:
  China Economic Leaders Top Talk, a series media coverage launched by people.cn, Qingdao Publishing House, Sky News from Australia and Weldon World Media International, came to Hiking Group on October 19 and Zhang Jianhua, the chairman of Hiking Group, received an exclusive interview by Harold Weldon, president of Weldon World Media International. 
  During the interview, Mr. Zhang emphasized the corporate culture of Hiking. He said the key for success of an enterprise is its corporate culture and an enterprise can have sustainable development only after a correct corporate culture really accepted by its staff. Hiking confirmed its core value of “Being Honest and Responsible” soon after its establishment and abiding by its corporate objective “Pursuing of Excellence and Dedicated to the Society”, it always keeps in mind its social responsibility and promote mutual development among the company, its staff and the society while in pursuit of first-class economic return. The achievements of the enterprise mainly attributes to the corporate culture with “Being Honest and Responsible” as its core value.
  As a conventional international trading company, Hiking will continue to innovate its foreign trade development modes, insist on the business model of “Internet + Foreign Trade” to enhance its core competitive advantages and promote the transformation and upgrade of international trade, said Mr. Zhang, adding Hiking will also implement the “Go Global” strategy to promote brand development in international trade.
  When talked about the health industry of the Group, Mr. Zhang said it seems that health industry and international trade are irrelevant, but it reflects the corporate culture of Hiking. At present, eldercare is a social problem that attracts high attention from the society and as a beneficiary of the 30 years reform and open-up of China, it is incumbent on Hiking to give back to the society. At present, Hiking establishes an eldercare and public health dual driving new model of health industry on the principle of combination of medical care and eldercare and gathering high end medical institutions.
  When asked by Harold Weldon to summarize the feature of Hiking Group in one sentence at the conclusion of the interview, Zhang Jianhua said without any hesitation, “Hiking is an enterprise with the sense of responsibility.”
  It is learned that China Economic Leaders Top Talk is one of the media cooperation achievements of China and Australia, the program intends to introduce the important economic achievements China has made under the background of “Belt and Road” initiative to build a new platform and bridge for the international cultural exchanges.