3 Everything is considered from the interests of the shareholders and employees
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1.Think about the reform from the perspective of the employees.

An advanced, standardized scientific management system is established; all policies and measures should be in favor of the stability and development of subsidiary companies at various levels; there should be better understanding and concern of the vital interests of employees; those employees who have made contributions to company development should have better income; adequate consideration should be given to both the past and present of subsidiary companies to ensure that the interests of existing companies are not harmed. We achieved success because our reform addresses the concerns of employees.

2.Everythin is considered from the interests of the shareholders and employees

In the ownership structure, we give shares to every employee to safeguard their interests. Large shareholders are encouraged to give up some of their profits to maximize the interests and welfare of small shareholders. The welfare comes from the interests of a part of their equity of large shareholders. It is real welfare.

3.We fully respect the historical status of the reform and restructuring.

We fully respect the efforts of all employees throughout the reform process and postpone the retirement age for those who have made contributions in the past by two years, so that they can share more in the achievements of reform. At the same time, considering our future development and viability, we have established and improved the equity withdrawal system for retired shareholders laying a systematic foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of our enterprise.