Hiking (Qingdao) E-commerce Co inks a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Q
Time:2019-02-18 16:49:31    From:
 Hiking (Qingdao) E-commerce Co and Qingdao Post Co signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement at Post Mansion on August 29. In accordance with the agreement, the two sides will complement each other’s advantages and all-round cooperation in e-commerce operation, platform construction, supply chain financing, smart warehousing, product sales, training, publicity, distribution, custom clearance & export tax reimbursement and cross-border logistics to build a national first class cross-border e-commerce education, research and innovation base and to promote the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce in Qingdao. The two parties will also take measures to promote the import and export trade transformation and upgrade in Chengyang District and promote cross-border e-commerce business agglomeration in the district.