Zhang Jianhua meets guests from Itochu
Time:2017-04-19 15:10:08    From:
    Zhang Jianhua, chairman of Hiking Group, met with a delegation headed by Takuya Suzuki, general manager of Itochu (China) Co Ltd at Hiking Longlife Co. Liu Duping, president of Hiking, Wan Zhigang, director of Hiking, Zhang Hang, vice president of Hiking and He Qinghua, general manager of Little Penglai Health, attended the meeting.

    Before the meeting, the delegation led by Takuya Suzuki visited Longlife Eldercare Home and gave a full thumb-up to the meticulous services and clean and tidy environment of the nursing home.

    At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Jianhua introduced the business development of Hiking and the eldercare industry in particular and the scheme of Little Penglai Health Complex and the progress of the project. Mr. Suzuki briefed the development of Itochu and Itochu China and said he would have come to a company like Hiking at an earlier time and he added that Itochu will highlight the development of eldercare and healthcare in China and hoped to cooperate with Hiking in the relevant areas.