5 Take our competitors as friends instead of enemies is the basis of cooperation
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1.Take our competitors as friends instead of enemies.

We regard our competitors as interests sharers, it is a kind of mutual benefit relationship. When doing business, we shall respect them and give them priority because respect for your rivals is a precondition for collaboration. And we shall strive for long-term partnerships for win-win development at any time.

2.We shall learn from our competitors, respect them and expect to see their prosperity.

Over the past years, Hiking Group has never defamed and embarrassed our rivals in competition. Instead, we learned from them, respected them and expected to see their development and growth. In the face of fierce competition, we shall endeavor to be self-restrained, handle tough tasks with ease and show our rivals such merits as dignity, kindness, calmness and lenience in order to improve the image of the Group as a cultured operator.

3.Cooperation generates power and gathers strength

We shall maintain the competition concept but also transform the traditional concept of unilateral competition to adopt cooperative competition. We shall be open-minded and lenient. Only in this way can we havea flourishing business.

4.We shall act according to international rules

We seek cooperation in strict accordance with fundamental business logic and business rule, of which we benefit a lot. Currently, the trend of economic globalization based on free trade is irreversible. Therefore, we should follow the development trend and make adjustments to the overall strategic objectives of the Group to emphasize globalization and act according to international rules.