7 Talent ensures success of a career and a career brings about glory to life.
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1.Benevolence and tolerance

Benevolence and tolerance can enhance our cohesion. We should attract and keep talents with benevolence and tolerance. At Hiking Group, we respect all employees and give support and assistance to those in need. Hiking Group can tolerate the failures of employees. Lenience and tolerance can not only attract talent and partners but also turn enemies into friends.

2.Set up a system to encourage talents to showcase themselves.

Mencius said, “Respect talent and enable them to showcase their ability, which could attract them to serve with their hearts.” In the past six years, we made efforts to set up a system to encourage talents to showcase themselves.

3.Moral trait is more important than skill.

We use employees according to their abilities. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We pay more attention to the moral character of an employee. We attach importance to exploiting strengths, avoiding weaknesses and developing expertise to the maximum extent. We will never abandon employees who are loyal and dedicated to the Group, even if some of them have limited skills.

4.Fair treatment to everybody.

We advocate fair competition and offer positions based on abilities and specialties regardless of their home place, qualification, background and seniority. We need all talented people who can bring benefits to our career and shareholding employees.

5.Offering assistance and instruction to new employees

We advocate offering assistance and instruction to new employees. As is known, new employees must go through a process of orientation in a new working environment. Therefore, it is the duty of all experienced employees to make concerted efforts to pass on their experiences and offer help, instruction and support to new employees so that they may become a part of our big family as soon as possible. Offering assistance and instruction to new employees is a main feature of the talent incentive system at Hiking Group.

6.Work brings accomplishment to life.

Work brings accomplishment to life. We attach importance to the performance of employees, advocate the concept of working-for-oneself, remind them to promote their capabilities and expertise in daily work and achieve success through hard work.

7.We respect personal development.

We hope every member of Hiking Group can make rapid progress along with the growth of the group. In addition, no one is expected to fall behind.