9 Solve problems in the course of business development
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1.Torrent water can float stone.

As is said in the Arts of War, “a torrent gains momentum and thus it can float stones.” A torrent can float heavy stones which would sink in static water. Similarly, only when an enterprise maintains momentum for rapid development can problems be found and solved. Otherwise, problems will lie latent. Enterprises are bound to meet difficulties and setbacks in the course of development. Only when they dare to face problems and difficulties can they maintain the momentum for growth.

2.Facing the problem and solving the problem.

We should handle contradictions in the light of development and solve problems through innovation and development. However, new problems may crop up after old ones are solved. We should solve new problems in the same way. By going through the same process repeatedly, the business will spiral upwards. Therefore, we must broaden our horizons and solve problems in the course of development instead of waiting, dillydallying and relying on others.