Mr. Zhang Jianhua visits Qingdao Customs
Time:2014-11-11 20:09:00    From:

In the afternoon of June 9, a team led by Zhang Jianhua, chairman of Hiking Group, visited Qingdao Customs and held talks with the leaders and relevant departments of Qingdao Customs. Zang Yujian, the chief of Qingdao Customs, expressed welcome to Mr. Zhang and his entourage. Mr. Zang pointed out that the foreign comprehensive service platform forged by Hiking Group is an example among the peers in Northern China and Hiking Group won the trust of the customs by means of years credit and abundant strength and Qingdao Customs would like to establish a close partner relation with Hiking Group. And Mr. Zang gave solutions and his recommendations to the issues mentioned by Mr. Zhang.