Shandong Province Cai Limin Makes Important Remarks to the Elderly Care Service
Time:2008-06-04 18:36:00    From:
” By the end of May, the group submitted a report titled as The Development of the Senior Citizen’s Care Service Industry to Shandong Provincial Government to report the overall idea and planning of the development of elderly care service industry of the group, which gained high attention and great support from vice governor Cai Limin. On June 4, the vice governor gave a remark on the group’s report, saying "Hiking Group’s idea on the development of the care service industry for the senior citizens is far-sighted and feasible. This is not only a charity activity for caring for older groups and promoting social harmony but also helps foreign trade enterprises to restructure and to achieve diversified development. Hope that you have good plans and carry out feasibility studies to start on a high level and make a positive contribution for the development of the elderly care service industry in the province."